Leader. Believer. Builder.

Raised by his grandparents and a single mother in a working class family, Kevin Johnson is a progressive leader who has spent his life fighting to lift working families and communities out of poverty. He is working daily to create 21st century jobs by increasing funding to workforce development and trade programs. Kevin is working for you and will not stop until we end poverty and create sustainable economic opportunities for all.


Our Team Needs You

Together We Are Stronger

More Good Jobs

We must secure a $15 minimum wage by 2010; we must invest in workforce development and trade programs so that we’re positioning people to be 21st-century job ready.

Quality Public Education

Let’s fix our existing federal programs. We must fully fund congressional mandates and legislation, and ensure that dollars are going directly into the classroom, not into bureaucracies.

Affordable Healthcare

Make healthcare affordable and universal by implementing a funding model that distributes the cost between employers, eligible households, and the savings received from several tax breaks that subsidize health care.

End to Gun Violence

An assault weapons ban and universal background checks are just the start. We must reenact the Brady Bill or similar legislation that will curtail the military weaponry that we see in the marketplace.