Dr. Kevin R. Johnson

Leader. Believer. Builder.

Meet Dr. Johnson

A visionary leader, believer, and builder, Dr. Kevin R. Johnson is a proven executive in transforming organizations into innovative, high-performing, fiscally-sound, and pioneering institutions.

Committed to holistic community development, Dr. Johnson is the founding Lead Pastor of Dare to Imagine Church, Inc. In seven years, he has built a ministry that started with 20 people in his home and has grown into a congregation over 1,500 members on a $2.2 million, 6.8-acre campus in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. To date, the church has donated over $750,000 to support area organizations that provide services for citizens in need.

As President and CEO of Philadelphia Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC), Dr. Johnson developed a new workforce-training vision and launched career-sustaining programs in banking, energy, construction, and technology. Under his leadership, OIC and its affiliates’ budget increased from $2M to over $5M. In 2017, he secured a $6.6M alternative school contract from The School District of Philadelphia, making OIC the first to provide over-aged and under-credited youth a pathway to earning a high school diploma and a direct pipeline to life-sustaining careers. Additionally, he launched BankWork$, the first bank training program in the US Northeast for young adults from low-income communities. While expanding OIC’s workforce programs, he successfully maintained a nearly 80 percent job placement rate for jobs in the hospitality industry.

A Visionary Leader Impacting the Community

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